Thursday, October 04, 2007

I miss you!

Where are your loud crashes throughout my day? Where is your smell of decaying leaves? The sound of crunching twigs beneath my feet and the wind ripping through my jacket, causing me to pull it closer to my skin? Where are my THUNDERSTORMS????

Alas, Fall, I miss you. Please visit soon.


Despite the disgustingly *very* unusually warm weather, we've been quite busy. We've had playdates with homeschooling friends, Bible studies, MOPS, poetry creating sessions with more homeschooling friends, etc. Rose and Jade have both had two different illnesses (again, COME ON Fall!!!). And Hubby has gone out of town for training this week. So it's only going to get busier, I'm sure.

But in the midst of our busy-ness, we're still learning. Me especially. I told the kids that I got them a couple books on CD. This is a totally new experience for us all. In explaining what they were, Matthew asked why people wouldn't just read the book to themselves.
"Books on CD are really great for several reasons. One, if you have tired eyes. Two, if you are young and can't read yet. Three, if you have a long drive to work (like almost everyone in our city does), it's a great way to pass the time..."
"Oh, yeah, like Grandma has one about Jonah!" Matthew interjects.
"I'm sure she does. Grandma really likes books on CD," I reply.
"Yeah...Jonah...that's my wait. It's my second favorite Bible story."
"Really? What's your favorite one?" I query.
"The one where Jesus," [dub total astonishment voice over this part] "feeds FIVE THOUSAND from just a few fish and loaves of bread!"


Jean 2 said...

AAWWW-that is fantastic!
I also agree with you about FALL -bring it on already-Jean1 and I went to a FALL CRAFTS show this weekend and we were so hot we could not enjoy it. I want to walk around with a hoodie and apple cider! That is FALL to me! Plain ole chilly (not freezing) and brisk weather. COME ON FALL!!

MommylovesRJ said...

AMEN about autumn!! I posted about this very thing on my bog a few days ago. The heat was almost unbearable. I hate the heat. I am happy to report, however, that the front has moved through finally, and we are now experiencing the temps we should have been for the past few weeks. Only supposed to be in the mid-50's tomorrow...WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO! Perfect weather!

I have to agree with you Jean2...cider sounds SCRUMPTIOUS...but I've been putting it off due to the heat. Can enjoy it tomorrow, however! *dances*

Don't you just love it when your wee ones come out with something that you had no clue they knew of? Erm....well, usually. The other night, we were sitting at the table eating dinner, and wee one asks:
"Mom...can a cat and a dog have sex?"!!!! DH is still picking out pieces of pork tenderloin from his nose, I think.

Naturally, we asked him what he thought sex was, and he seemed to have a general idea...though how, I certainly do not know. We've not covered "that topic" yet. Well...we hadn't until that night, I should say. =oP We didn't go into detail but we did explain that no, a cat and a dog cannot mate.

Just wait...Matthew will being asking his own questions, soon enough! =oP