Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pictures of our Springfield trip

Sorry! Brain death has occurred here, I suppose. Here are the pictures that were supposed to accompany the below post (thanks, Pam!). ;)

The indoor New Salem pictures are much brighter (due to my flash) than they actually were. The interior of the buildings were so very dark and dim. I was amazed at how dark the school was - all they had for lighting was the fireplace, about 5 taper candles on the chandelier and the tiny row of windows you see. Since this was the only spot that had a desk type surface, I assume that was the only place they actually read and practiced writing. The rest of the class engaged in repeating their teacher. They called this a "blab" school. You can read more about the school here.

New Salem, Onstot Residence:

New Salem #2:

New Salem's school/church:

Lincoln's Home in Springfield:


Earthmommy said...

Great pics! My 16yo is really into Salem so she enjoyed these.

Heather said...

Beautiful! I am SO BEHIND on the whole internet thing. Things are still crazy here though we do ow have a new floor downstairs.

Jena said...

I LOVE New Salem and Springfield. We had to go to Springfield recently and I kept trying to figure out how we could stay long enough to do all the Lincoln stuff. My kids are older now and losing their patience with my Lincoln obsession. They've been through all those sites many times. But I never get tired of it. The more I learn about Lincoln the more impressed I am with him. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures.