Monday, January 14, 2008

My little Jedi Knights

It's so good to see those baby blankets that Grandma spent lots of time making are still getting good use. ;) Guess I should have wrapped one around the baby too but she's busy EATING! Yes, she's finally decided to eat at 9 months. Every few days, since she was 6 months old, I've been spooning baby food into her mouth only to have it spat back out at me as she showed me her new trick, raspberries. This might be cute to a brand-new mom but by the time you get to your 4th kid, you've had EVERYTHING done to you. You've had spit-up galore all over yourself, vomit, poo, urine and every kind of food imaginable. 'Raspberries of food' is no longer cute to me. So I'd wait a couple days and try again. Nuttin. I finally decided that perhaps her waking me every 2 hours all night for a feed would be helped if I pushed food a little more. So I got those cereal puff things. For those of you non-moms (or ones with older kids) out there, they're similar to cheerios in that it's a crunchy finger sized food. With a big "Melts in their mouth!" slogan on the front, I decided to try them. She chews on anything else I put in her mouth - why not these? So last week, she got them. She immediately picked it up and put it in her mouth. LOVED them. And though they most definitely do NOT 'melt in their mouth', she had no trouble with them at all. So we did those for a few days and then Cheerios for a few days and yesterday, I tried the baby food again. Pears. *NO* raspberries. She slurped it off the spoon, swallowed it down and looked at me in that "can I please have some more, Mom?" way. Today I smooshed up a banana and she loved that too. Thank goodness! Life becomes easier, as a mom, when baby starts eating solids. Now I can tide her over for a bit if I'm stuck in a store at feeding time. :) That's worth its weight in gold, especially if you have 3 more tired hungry kids as well. Oh yeah, and she's working on sippy cup techniques too.

Coming soon...Matthew's latest obsession...and is Rose reading yet...and does Jade have any hair left on her head or have her mothers dreams (i.e. nightmares) come true?


Jean 1 said...

the part that cracks me up...Matthew looks like he's wearing the little red brush thing that hangs at the front of a kilt. :)

MommylovesRJ said...

Just stopping by to say hi! Been far too long...hope to catch up soon! =o)