Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More math by association

While my days have quickly changed from being so tired from pregnancy hormones that I could hardly make it through the day to doing nothing but sitting on my rear holding a baby who REFUSES to sleep (or not cry) unless you hold her, I have found myself watching a lot of Food Network lately. Trying to avoid soap operas and talk shows, afternoon TV viewing is QUITE lacking in the kid-friendly arena. However, I stumbled across a game show today called "Cash Cab" - basically this guy drives an unmarked taxi around NYC and whoever jumps in gets a chance to play his general knowledge trivia game while on their way to their destination. Best case scenario they get lots of money, worst case - they get kicked out on the curb whenever they miss 3 questions but they also get a free cab ride to that point so it's not too bad.

Anyway, Matthew is watching this show with me and they have a running tally of money in the corner.
After watching 2 different "games" quietly, he says, "Oh, so 25 + 25 is 50".
I nodded in agreement.
He says, "So that would mean that 25 is half of 50."
"Yep, so how many 25's do you need to make 100?" I pry.
He doesn't bat an eyelash..."Four".
Math. Learned without drills or charts or doing thousands of computations on a piece of paper. Hmmm...

OK, the crying little seal has had her 10 minute limit in the swing and now I must away to hold the little princess...


JenE said...

Isn't it wonderful when it clicks for them all on their own? Great job, Matthew!! Sounds like the wee babe is keeping you busy. Hang in there, she'll settle in soon. HUGS!!!!

MommylovesRJ said...

Awesome on Matthew figuring that out...doesn't it just awe you to be able to witness that?!

As for wee one, by any chance, do you have a sling?? My wee one was also a "hold me constantly" baby...a sling cured that!!

Wish you lived nearer me...I'd give you mine!