Monday, February 26, 2007

Rose's Birthday pics!

Rose isn't much of a smiler for the camera. When I asked her about it this morning, she said she was too tired that day to smile. I know the feeling. ;)

A new stuffed MEERKAT, who she has named "Mozart, when she was a baby".

When she got this boxed set of plastic horses, she actually hugged the box. Awww..

These are the cupcakes I made for her party. I have to send a big thank you to my friend, Stacey (check out her hilarious blog about mothering young kids), who does tons of cake decorating and always sends me great ideas to help my last-minute projects.

All in all, a greatly successful party!


Jean 1 or Jean 2 said...

Cute! And I think the thoughtful look suits her just well! At least she smiles when I take her pic. Hee hee!

Stacey said...

Your daughter is just beautiful and the cupcakes turned out perfect! I bet they were a hit!!