Monday, October 02, 2006

Bedtime Stories

As I'm laying down with Rose tonight for a few minutes at bedtime: (fyi - Rose's cats are stuffed, Grammy's are real)

R: Mommy, I only have my one big cat in my bed tonight.
Me: I noticed that. Where are all your other cats that you usually have?
R: There wasn't enough room.
Me: Ohhh.
R: I have 4 girl cats and 5 boy cats.
Me: Well watch out because they'll soon be multiplying in that ratio.
R: What?
Me: Nevermind.
R: Grammy doesn't have any boy cats but I have 5 boy cats.
Me: Grammy does have at least one boy cat.
R: What's his name?
Me: Linus. He's all black and he's a big cat.
R: Oh. (mumble mumble) Cricket.
Me: What color is Cricket?
R: He's black.
Me: [testing to see if she thinks all Grammy's cats are black now] What color is Oreo?
R: She's black. And white. (another pause as a sly grin forms over her mouth) And pink.
Me: (laugh) Pink? Where is she pink?
R: On her nose!
Me: Ohhhh
Me: What's your big cats name?
R: I don't know. Grammy gave him to me when I was a baby.
Me: Well I bet Grammy expected you to name him.
R: Ohhh. Maybe Himalaya's daddy or Himalaya's mommy or Himalaya's brother or Himalaya's sister or Himalaya's grammy (on and on and on)...I think I'll name him Himalaya's daddy.
Me: So he's a boy cat?
Me: Because daddys are boys.
R: Daddys are not boys!
Me: Your daddy is a boy.
R: No, he is a SIR.
Me: (laugh) I think you mean he's a man.
R: (very stubborn now) NO, he is a SIR.
Me: Ok

As I get up to leave:
R: Mommy, what's that woo-wooo sound I hear in the middle of the night?
Me: Probably the train going through town. I can hear it very faintly in the distance at night when all is quiet too.
R: Well, you stay up until you hear it and then go outside and tell them, "Be quiet and don't wake up my Rose!"

This is the same girl who was so moved by Grandma punching out some perforated characters on the side of her Happy Meal box tonight that she actually said, "Wow" in that awed voice of wonders.

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